Formation of the Club

Merthyr Tydfil Sailing Club was formed in 1967. It initially had permission to sail a maximum of just two boats on Cyfartha Park Lake.

A photo featured in the Merthyr Express in June 2007, showing two small sailing boats and a rubber inflatable boat being rowed, with Cyfarthfa Castle in the background.

This photo was featured in the Merthyr Express on Thursday 21st June 2007. Cyfarthfa Castle is in the background.

A Couple of Years at the Beacons Reservoir

The sailing club was rapidly expanding and moved to the Beacons reservoir near the Storey Arms, where there was a limit of 25 boats. This reservoir is fairly shallow and dried too often, so the club sought a better home.

Move to Pontsticill Reservoir

In 1970, the club obtained a 30-year lease from the Welsh Water Authority to sail and develop club facilities on the much nearer and far larger Taff Fechan Pontsticill reservoir where the initial limit is 150 boats. The lease was renewed in 2000 for a further 30 years.

The site as originally taken over was empty but for some semi-derelict buildings and a rudimentary access track.

A boat is shown on the dry bank of the reservoir with the derelict building that was later converted to the clubhouse in the background.

A boat on the dry bank of the reservoir with the future clubhouse in the background.

The derelict building that was later converted to become the clubhouse is pictured with a boat stored alongside.

This building is now part of the clubhouse.

One of the early club members is pictured sitting on the gunwale of the boat alongside the building that later was converted to the clubhouse, with the reservoir in the background.

Another view of the building that is now the clubhouse. The nearer building has been demolished after it became unsafe.

This picture shows the building that was originally used to house the safety boat. This building later collapsed and the other building was then converted to become the clubhouse.

The building that was later demolished.

The old railway trackbed that was the main access road to the site until the Brecon Mountain Railway was extended.

The old railway trackbed that was the main access road to the sailing club until the Brecon Mountain Railway was extended.

Ongoing Development

So far, the club has developed one of those buildings into a very pleasant clubhouse with small "galley" area, enclosed a large fenced dinghy park, recently extended and improved launching slipways, female & male changing room, toilets and a patio.

The solar panel installed on the gable end of the clubhouse.

Our "off-grid" power source.

The only "mains" service available at the site is water. Recently a new main was installed, now carrying treated water pumped up from the water works at the dam. Merthyr Tydfil Sailing Club therefore operates heating on stored gas and used to use this to also provide electricity via a generator. To reduce the need to run the generator, which is rather noisy, a small solar panel was installed to top-up a battery that is now used to power the race starting lights and hooter. In 2019 this was supplemented with another pair of 100W panels that are used to top up separate batteries for additional lighting.

Future plans

In 2020 we will be renovating the club-house inside and out.

A view from the water of the boat park and slipways.

The safety boat, dinghy park and slipways.

Need more information?

That's really easy. Just e-mail the membership secretary Mark Govier your name and address or phone number and I'll reply to you as soon as possible.

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